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Fabric roses from scraps

We all love roses. Isn't it? I too...this is what we made last week. Fabric roses from Scraps Believe me, these roses are made from fabric scraps. 

If you love this and want to make your own, then you will  require  fabric scraps of any length. Cut them 1.5" wide. flower making strings. green tape. matching threads Scissors. sewing machine(not shown in the picture). Just you have to sew a straight line and not more than that. 

To make fabric tube: The main step is to make fabric tube using the scraps. You can do this in two methods. I have explained both the methods, you can follow which ever is easy to you.
Method 1: step 1:    Fold the scrap 1/4 inches on both the sides and press them                                    

step 2: Again fold it as shown in the figure and press it.

step 3: Sew a straight line along the folded edge. Now the fabric tube is ready to make the rose.