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I am back...

Hi friends, Thank you, thank you....very much for your kind wishes.  Finsihed my exam and I am back here. No needle work, no craft work, no painting for the past few days( studying!!!!). Then why this post? Just to share some of my old works with you ( Remember...old is gold)..
 This photo may not be new to you, if you have visited my blog recently, because it is in my header( This is what I was doing when studying was boring).

The motif is worked in the pallu of a georgette saree. I did this embroidery some years before. I made four motifs and have done some kundan works in the middle.
Some more closer shots...

Note: The motif is not my own design, I got it from a magazine.
The crochet edging... I used machine embroidery thread for this.

This is the mirror work in my chruidhar done during my college days. Though I am not using this churidhar now, I am keeping it with me  for this work.

Another thing I want to share with you is about the give away at LAKSHMI's blog. visit her blog for deta…

Jupiter -For planets day

This is  for the planets day in my daugter's school. I googled for the colors of  jupiter. I don't know whether it is perfect but somehow I managed to finish it. I used dabble method to make the effects of spots in the surface of jupiter. The colors used are fabric colors brown, orange, fresh tint, prussian blue and black.I am not much satisfied with the picture. I tried to show some depth by adding black color... I might have reduced it...but still happy I prepared it myself for my daughter and I am learning something through it.

          I came to know a lot about jupiter while collecting informations to make this chart. One interesting factor is that jupiter is the planet with largest number of moons 63 moons.

Just have a look.... this is what my daughter is practicing for tomorrow's drawing competition.

One more thing, I am taking a short break for 1 month from blogging . I have to prepare for an  examination.....  something what I am going to do after a…

Karthigai-the festival of light

Though Deepawali is called as the festival of lights, we people in Tamil nadu celebrate it in the month of Karthigai(tamil month), it is a full moon day.  In this day we decorate our home with lamps.  
In my mother's home, we used to make big kolam(rangoli)and decorate it with lamps, it will look like kolam made of lamps. But in this apartment home I can do only this, a simple kolam...

We use to preserve some crackers for this festival...or we can say it like this... the left over deepawali crackers are finished today. It looks like mini deepawali

Kiko's flower stitch - my sample

This is my sample of kiko's flower stitch. I just loved this stitch. I think it will look beautiful in neck lines.
I made one petal for the bud and worked some pistil stitch to give the calyx effect. You can get the tutorial in pintangle This is my 50th post, now I have one word to say to my dear friends who extend thier ulitimate support

This little tree is the Queen of the forest

This week  they are celebrating  children's day   in my daughter's school.  This tree costume is for the fancy dress competition . 
 In the top I have used two different shades of brown for the body and sleeve. I painted with fabric colors to make it look like the trunk of the tree.

Then I stitched the top. For the pant I managed with the brown color tracksuit.

The branches and leaves were not that much easy to make. I first made it with a thermocol.

In this I made a mistake, you can notice one side is very thin than the other. when I fix this in her face to check whether it fits, it break down. The thermocol is not very flexible.Then I made the other one with cardboard and chart paper. It will be easy to paint in the chart than the cardboard. So I pasted the chart over the cardboard.

 and painted with fabric colors, outlined it with black.

I also attached a cord behind it, so that it can be  tied  around the head and hands.

I am linking this to Artsy-Craftsy Jan-2011


Ghagra choli

Yes friends, what you guess is right....this turned out as my daughter's Deepawali dress. When I brought this material before three months I didn't think  that it will be one among  her Deepawali dresses. I had a plan of finishing it before but could complete it only now. So what.....  Better late than never.
It is the usual sleeveless pattern except the  tupatta. I tried to give the butterfly effect . It will more beautiful when  weared  around the neck.

Wait... wait... the patch work is not my creation, it is ready made
I want to add some hangings on the top but couldn't get matching beads or stones, so  I just finished it with silver color sequins and patches for the straps.

It is back open. we can knot it at the back...

At last this is what I not satisfied with.. the zipper This is the first time I using zipper in the skirt, that too with lining. I want to make invisible zipper but it is clearly visible(that too the white color.. I didn't get the matching color). I think …

TAST 2010-Raised closed Herringbone Stitch

This is my sample for TAST Raised closed Herringbone Stitch. I just tried the leaves with the same stitch. For the tutorial click pintangle.

About the days spend in my native

Hi friends, this post is about the holidays we spend in my mother's home, so I have a lot to share with you. At times I would think about the things my daughter is missing in this city life, I want her enjoy the life in the village as we have enjoyed in our childhood. So when ever we get long holidays we would go to my mother's home. This time also we spent one week in my mother's home and another week in my in-laws home. My mother's home is in a village which is 17 km far form the city and very close to nature. It is similar to a farm house,surrounded by coconut trees.  My daughter had good time in her grand parents house.  She was more attracted  towards the calf which was two moths older. She  used run behind her.. talking to her, yes the calf  is a girl.
The cow(her name is kamachi) and her daughter(Meenakshi) with my daughter. She gives us the real whole, organic milk which is  rare to get in Chennai. I made milk sweet  for my daughter.

The coconut farm which  also…